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Request for Proposals

Braxton County Schools is accepting proposals for a commercial gas range for Frametown Elementary School. Participation in a walk through is mandatory to get measurements of the space and evaluate the connections for the proposal.  


Frametown Elementary School  

65 Jeanie Ellis Drive

Frametown, WV 26623

Phone: 304-364-8268

Fax: 304-364-8620

Principal: Britni Ramsey

Cafeteria Manager: Bettie Moore   

Standard Specifications Preferred:

  • Exterior finish: front, sides and rear and exterior bottom should be polished stainless steel.
  • Battery spark ignition for open top burner section
  • Platinum heavy duty natural gas range with four open burners, manual controls, removable grates, and drip tray
  • Front Rail: options should be included with specified upgrades that are available.
  • Individual pilots and controls for each burner--
  • Casters with Cable Restraint kit (to restrict movement on casters)
  • Fully insulated lining and burner box
  • Stainless steel enclosed cabinet with removable door (if this is available)
  • Delivery, set in place, assembly and final connection of all equipment must be included in the price. 

The buyer is open to all manufactures. The cost of installation must be included in the proposal. If a different connection is needed other than the one that exists, the cost of that adaptation should be included in the proposal. The old stove is a two burner. It has not been removed and is still in use.  All proposers must schedule a walkthrough during the walkthrough period to be able to place a bid for their company. Training for the staff must be included in the proposal. A manufacture manual for the range must be provided. Extended warranty is preferred. All necessary chords for hook-up to the present gas structure of the school must be included in the proposal.

Scoring Criteria

Price = 45 points

Turnkey installation = 25 points

Other opinions as specified in the RFP = 10 points

Meeting 6-week timeframe = 10 points

Battery sparked ignition for top burners = 10 points

All proposals should be direct to the attention of:

Dr. Leatha G. Williams, Director

Via email: lgwillia@k12.wv.us

Phone: 304-765-7101 ext. 473

Proposals are due on or before December 15 at 2pm as recorded via email time stamp.

Subject line must read: Frametown Elementary School Range Proposal

File formats that are accepted: PDF or Word Document

Braxton County Schools reserves the right to disqualify any proposal that does not meet the above established criteria. The walkthrough period will be from November 27-December 7, 2023. Walkthroughs may occur between 8am and 2pm. It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact the school to schedule the walkthrough. Vendors must sign into the school office as evidence they completed a site evaluation for their proposal.  Questions should be directed to the email of Dr. Williams by noon on December 8, 2023. Installation should occur within 6 weeks of the proposal being awarded.

** When all factors in the proposal are equal, price will be the deciding factor.**